39 Weeks Pregnant Workout with Christa

If you think being 39 weeks pregnant is a barrier to exercise, even intense resistance training exercise, you're totally wrong.

Here we have Christa, who you all saw in her Fit Pregnancy Interview on this blog, showing us all how it's done when you have less than a week until your new baby is born.

Take note ladies: if you are healthy, have no other issues and currently already exercising hard, then being 39 weeks pregnant is no reason to stop.

Thanks Christa for being a great role model and building a strong, healthy baby!

(if you can't see this video, click read more, or visit my blog if you're reading from facebook... you gotta see this!)

Posted May 18, 2011 by Cassandra Forsythe.

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GravatarAmanda @ Sistas of Strength04:45AM on May 19, 2011

Awesome workout Christa! Great to know that I'm in good company working out at 9+ months pregnant! I posted a pic of me in a shirt from the same company yesterday. :)

GravatarJessica12:38PM on May 23, 2011

Thank you so much for posting this and all of your Fit Pregnancy Interviews. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my first child and have found your blog really helpful. I've stayed really physically active and still lift, swim and run. I ran a 10K 3 weeks ago and am running another one at the end of June.

Do you have any recommendations for workouts or for trainers around the Greater Boston area that I might be able to get in touch with? I would love to train with you but live too far away! I've also been looking for a way to contact other pregnant mothers around the area that are looking for a workout buddy to go to the gym with, but haven't had much succession. Thank you so much for your help and all of this great information!

GravatarAmanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength07:00AM on May 24, 2011

Hi Jessica - Where are you from? I live in Tyngsboro, MA (near Chelmsford, Lowell, Nashua NH). I am a personal trainer and I am almost 39 weeks pregnant. I have been blogging about my training during pregnancy at www.sistasofstrength.com. I'm happy to help if you have questions although I'm not sure I'd be the best workout partner at this point since I could go into labor any second. :) Great for you staying fit during your pregnancy and I'm happy to help/answer any questions if you're looking for a local resource.

GravatarJessica10:30AM on May 24, 2011

Hi Amanda,

Thank you very much for your comment! I live in the Greater Boston area near Needham MA, but work in Ipswich MA. Thank you very much for a link to your blog! I'll check it out today when I have time. I really appreciate the offer for advice and resources! Thank you very much! I'll definitely take you up on that offer!!

GravatarCassandra05:37AM on May 25, 2011

Hi Jessica!

I know a great trainer in Hudson MA that can to work with you if that's close for you? Not sure if that works or not. If it does, shoot me an email at cassandraforsythe@gmail.com
Keep up the good work! :)

GravatarTheresa Romano--Ross06:52PM on May 25, 2011

This woman is AMAZING. Absolutely incredible workout. So envious that she is allowed to work that hard during pregnancy. Loved your comment in the blog about "take note ladies". You know that hits home with me b/c of my medical issues during pregnancy. Love that you addressed it in such a concise one liner. Fantastic that you are showing woman that they can train hard during pregnancy! Go You!

GravatarRhea07:03AM on June 02, 2011

Hi Cassandra,

Any tips on how to safely close a diastasis recti? I have a 2-finger width separation and am 7 weeks pp from a C-section. My midwife said to do crunches or sit-ups. I asked which and she didn't really pick one. So I am doing 10 crunches a day (she told me to work my way up to 50 and not go "crazy"). I can probably do more, before pregnancy, I could hold planks for 3 minutes.

But is it safe to do crunches? Or should I do something like the "Tupler Technique" first? I don't want to make the separation larger, obviously.


GravatarJulia Ladewski05:38AM on June 12, 2011

great work Christa!! People also thought I was crazy for doing pushups, pullups, squats and kettlebell swings while pregnant. but it made the pregnancy, delivery and afterwards so much easier!!!!!!! way to go!!!!!

GravatarLauryn12:06PM on June 13, 2011

Looking good Christa! I'm 35 weeks myself and most people don't believe it when they see me. Its amazing how surprised people are when they see a pregnant woman who isn't a lazy slob.

GravatarLaura11:57AM on June 15, 2011

it easier to regain pre- pregnancy fitness levels after your baby is born.

GravatarMeldy04:36AM on June 18, 2011

So glad i came across this blog! I'm a very experienced in weight training etc...I actually compete as a figurep ro & do personal training. I'm only 5 weeks pregnant and have had mild cramping since I found out (last week) I was pregnant. They are more off and on now and tons of people have said it's normal to have that in the beginning do to your uterus stretching. So I've been so nervous wihle doing my cardio not sure why. I feel great! As of yet I have no sickness. I've always said when I become pregnany I want to be the fittest I can be. I had a misscarraigbe over 10yrs ago and I think that's why I am so guarded. But I never ever trained then.

My question is are most of your weight training workuts structered like the circuit in the video above? Would you do a circuit like that for like 30 min? How much cardio do you do asside from that? Thanks!

GravatarMelody04:37AM on June 18, 2011

oops names is Melody. LOL

Gravatarjulia04:48AM on July 14, 2011

wow i didnt think it was safe to exercise as rigoursly as this great post

Gravatarjoojoo02:15PM on August 30, 2011

I just came across your blog, and this is totally inspiring! i love hearing about women exercising during their pregnancy. i'm hoping to get pregnant with my third next year, and i want to continue with my tkb / bikram yoga classes till the end as long as i'm healthy and my doc gives me the ok. i want to look as good as her at 39 weeks~
thanks for all the info!


GravatarRyan06:11PM on September 06, 2011

Hi Cassandra,
I was impressed with her because she is very excited to undergo the practice. She was not bothered at all by the condition of pregnancy that has been 39 weeks. My wife is also pregnant 14 weeks. What is suitable exercise done for my wife? I just want to make sure such an exercise is safe for pregnant women.
Is swimming can also be used as an exercise? During this time, my wife just follows the exercise program of yoga. Please tell me that exercise is safe for pregnant women.

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