A Dream Come True!

Hanging my new gym sign!

Hanging my new gym sign!

It's been a crazy busy month, but for a good reason. I've made one of my major dreams in life finally come true, which is owning my own gym!

Yes, maybe some people would think that earning my PhD, becoming a Registered Dietitian, or writing two nationally publicized books, would have me  happy as a clam, but truly, one of my big dreams has been to have my own training facility - and it's finally come true!

mopping the gym floors and loving it!

Other than my daughter and husband and wonderful family whom I love so much, I also love being a gym owner!

I realized over the past few years, that group training is what I do best. I've tried being a personal trainer, but I honestly get most satisfaction and am most energetic when I'm leading and helping a large group of people.

So, for the past three years now, that's what I've been doing and, up until just this month, I've always taught classes either in someone else's gym, through parks and rec, or outside in a park.

And, let me tell you, having my own space is absolutely the best way to do it! I love it so much!

I found a stunning warehouse-like location in Vernon CT, situated at the base of 600+ luxury apartments (every time these tenants have to go to their homes, they have to drive right by my door :) - which is great for recruiting new members!).

The space is 2,000 sq feet and I use about 3/4s of that for the bootcamp classes and I have an upper location area as well that I will be using for semi-private training and speciality clinics.

It has a beautiful office space that I use to do nutrition counseling and to house my daughter's toys and pack n' play (what mommy's office is complete without those items?).

Since it's my own location, I also have the luxury of bringing my daughter to classes while I teach, and I allow other members to bring their children too (well-behaved ones that is) :)

This experience has been so great for April (my daughter) as she gets to see first hand what fun exercise is all about and how good it is for her. My members love having her there as she's so easy going - plus, now that she's older, she walks around like her mommy checking people's form and sometimes even joins them in their workouts! It's so cute! 

Overall - it's been a crazy May and June; my husband is a total handy man and spent all his time buidling this place into exactely what I wanted it to be.

Also, since I've opened, I've doubled my member base in just one month (in what took me one year to do previously), and I've had many compliments about how energetic my classes are and how much I give my members in order to help them meet their goals.

I'm looking forward to doing this for many more years as it bring me so much joy and doesn't seem like "work" at all. I don't even mind getting up at 430am during the week to teach classes because I love it so much.

My advice to everyone out there: if a new mother (with no family around to help her), a woman with 4 other jobs and 3 dogs, and big shoes to fill can do this, and make her dreams come true - you can do it too!

As my favorite saying goes:

"If you build it, they will come"!

Enjoy life and live it to the fullest!

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GravatarMyndie Krause01:08PM on July 04, 2011

Congratulations!! What a great feeling of accomplishment.

GravatarCassandra Forsythe08:14AM on July 05, 2011

I will be posting this in a subsequent post, but all of this wouldn't be possible without great people in my life such as my husband, Justin, and my very good friend and co-worker, Jenica Allen. :) They are the best!!

GravatarKathleen01:06PM on July 05, 2011

Wow! Many congratulations, Cassandra! What a fantastic new venture for you! So cool having your own facility. I wish you ALL the best with it. With all you have to do, make sure you take time to put your feet up!

GravatarJill Maxwell06:01PM on July 06, 2011

Wow! Congratulations Cassandra! It looks beautiful and you are such an inspiration. You deserve all of your success : )

GravatarJulie Keen08:41PM on July 06, 2011

Cass! I'm so happy for you!!!

GravatarJulia Ladewski06:13PM on July 24, 2011

wow!, Cassandra, way to go!! we've always wanted to do open up our own place, but I think money (and fear of the unknowns and "what ifs), hold us back. would love to talk privately about how you financially did it!

GravatarEmily09:03PM on July 25, 2011

Congratulations!! I've also always wanted to own my own "space." I love the warehouse-type gyms and think it would be amazing to work out and lead others with the door up and a good breeze coming through... Doesn't get much better than that! I wish you much success!! :)

GravatarTaryl05:43PM on August 03, 2011

Congratulations on your own space, what an amazing thing it is to be able to do what you love, on your terms. The pack n' play is a lovely touch as well ;)

Gravatarfred hahn06:07AM on August 15, 2011


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