Busy but Tough Mommy Workout

Being a mother is a great journey - you learn so much about giving yourself unconditionally to another human being. For example, if your child is sick, you're there for them 24/7. When your child needs you near them, you stay no matter what the situation. And, when you have free time, and your child is going through separation anxiety issues, you make due with what you have.

Right now, my daughter is going through a stage of "stranger danger" anxiety. The past three times I've tried to go to the gym now to get my own workout in (not teaching a class, but actually kicking my own butt in a good way), I've had my plans thwarted by a crying child in the gym day care. For some reason, no one is better than mommy and the ladies at the day care will only take intense crying from a kid for so long.

So, thankfully, I have a great set-up in my basement so I can still get my workouts in. (I do like going to the gym since I'm in my house a lot and enjoy the break from being alone).

Here's a video for you to show how you can still get a great workout in even if you have a needy child.

In this video, I'm using my all-time favorite Workout Muse music sound tracks to keep my workouts moving and my energy up. You can also enjoy the fun kid music while my daughter plays on the floor beside me.

In this set of my workout, I'm doing a 10-20-30 Ladder Interval workout by Workout Muse (look for Ladders under the interval protocol and you'll find this one).

These Barbell Rockstars (or Landmines) were with 35lbs on a 45lbs barbell.... which was pretty touch as you could tell by my grunts and loud breathing :)This was my last set, so I was pretty wiped out.

Then, I finished off the exercise with Band Squat and Presses (while my daughter tried crawling up my leg....)

This workout was awesome and I following it with a walk around the neighborhood with daugther in stroller and one of my dogs on a leash.

It was a really cold February day, so April was bundled up nice and warm.

So, even if you're a busy mommy or have a needy child, you can still get in a good workout with some great workout music and effective equiment like a barbell, some plates, a few kettlebells an ab wheel and bands. Doesn't take much, but it works great!

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GravatarJill Maxwell11:06AM on February 25, 2011

Cassandra, that video was fun to watch! The perfect mix of cute baby and badass mommy. Her staring at you while you work that landmine is priceless. What a wonderful role model! Before you know it she'll be teaching her preschool friends how to squat.

GravatarRenee01:29PM on March 01, 2011

Thanks for posting that workout. When I only have 6 minutes or so, I now know that I can still get in a good workout.

Keep the videos coming!

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