Fit Pregnancy Interview Series Part 9

Kalli at 39 weeks 1 day

Kalli at 39 weeks 1 day

Our next Fit Pregnancy Interview is with a friend of mine, Kalli Reinheimer, from Facebook who was following my book, New Rules of Lifting for Women, when we met.

She recently had her baby boy, Lucas, 6 months ago and exercised pretty much all throughout her pregnancy based off some of the recommendations that I had given her while I was also pregnant and exercising vigorously.

Lucas is a very healthy, happy boy and Kalli credits her exercise regimine to both his and her's health and vitality today.

On to the interview!

(Aside: This is the last of this interview series formally, but I do have more information about this topic for you coming next week with different types of interviews from other fit moms).

Kalli, this interview is for you to share your fit pregnancy experience with other women. Unfortunately so many women are scared to exercise while pregnant for fear it is harmful for their unborn babies. How do you feel about this now that you’ve had your own fit pregnancy?

I think it’s wonderful that you’re doing these interviews; I wish something like this had been available when I became pregnant. I think exercising while pregnant is crucial for your own health & the health of your baby. Not only does it keep the amount of weight you put on to a minimum it also helps with labor and in many cases gets your baby used to stress which in turn helps to have a more relaxed happy baby.


How hard were you exercising before you became pregnant? What were you doing?

I was at Stage 4 of working through the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women so I was exercising pretty hard. I was up to 120 second planks, front squats/push press, dumbbell one-point row, step-ups, static lunges, push ups, reverse lunges, etc. Plus I was doing interval training at the end of every weight workout.

When you found out your were pregnant, did you modify your workout routine? How & Why?

I didn’t at first, but eventually through part of my 1st trimester I had to because I was very nauseated and tired all the time. I was mostly living on carbs so didn’t have the energy I needed for heavy lifting. I shortened my workouts and lifted a little lighter during that time.

When you first found out you were pregnant what was your primary concern with respect to your exercise routine?

My biggest concern was maintaining healthy weight throughout my pregnancy and finding a resource that I could count on to help guide me through what was healthy exercise to continue to do. That was very difficult to find! I spoke with my doctor who knew I was a weight lifter prior to pregnancy and she warned me against lifting heavy, she especially didn’t want me to do barbell squats because of balance problems once I started showing. I took my doctors advice into consideration but in the end did what I felt comfortable doing which was ultimately based off of reading about what you and some of your friends were doing. I figured if you could do it and maintain a healthy pregnancy, so could I.

Overall, during your pregnancy, describe what did you do for exercise?

I completed The New Rules of Lifting for Women & used Stage 7 of that book in combination with Turbulence Training 3 days per week. I continued to go up in my weights throughout my entire pregnancy & included barbell squats & deadlifts weekly. I also included interval training with my weight workouts up until the day before I delivered Lucas. On the days I didn’t lift I did yoga for pregnancy to maintain flexibility and practice breathing in preparation for labor.


How did other people around you react to your fit pregnancy? Was it positive or negative?

My husband was very positive. It seemed that everyone else around me thought I was crazy. I heard numerous times that it was my time to relax, eat what I wanted & get a lot of rest. That I shouldn’t be working out so hard, especially at 5:30am in a garage that had no heat in the dead of a Wisconsin winter. Over all I’d say I got more of a negative response.

What was the most supportive thing someone told you about your fit pregnancy? The most unsupportive?

My husband was very supportive of my working out, especially given the fact that I turned 40 in my second trimester and was considered to have a high risk pregnancy.
A friend of my told me I needed to stop lifting weights that it was bad for me & my baby.
How was your first trimester, with respect to exercise? Difficult, I was very tired and nauseated throughout the entire trimester.

Second trimester?

I entered into my second trimester & it was like a light bulb went off. I all of a sudden felt great, really never better & was able to kick my exercise back into high gear.



I still was feeling fabulous up until the last couple of weeks when my belly was sticking out so far it was hard to get up off the bench without help & I could no longer do push ups or planks.

How did you know what you were doing for exercise during your pregnancy was ok/safe? Did you ever doubt your decisions? Were you worried during your pregnancy that you were exercising too hard?

I did worry at first but I felt so good & always had great check ups at the doctor, was gaining very little weight and following along with what you were doing that I decided I was only helping my baby. I never doubted my decision.

During your pregnancy, did you have any complications such as hypertension or extreme water retention? Please describe why/why not?

 I did not. I chalk that up to eating well & exercise, especially since I was considered to have a high risk pregnancy since I’m of advance maternal age. My pregnancy was completely uneventful.

If you could do things differently for your fit pregnancy, what would that be?

There is not one thing I would do differently, I had a fabulous pregnancy. There has never been a time in my life that I felt better.

How much total weight did you gain during your pregnancy?

14 pounds

Did you get any stretch marks? If you didn’t, why do you think this happened? If you did, do you think they could have been prevented? Do you think creams or oils prevent them?

I didn’t get any stretch marks; again, I think it was my healthy eating, drinking lots of water & exercise. I heard throughout my pregnancy that there’s nothing you can do to prevent them, especially if your mom got them. I disagree, my mom had 1 child, me, & got them.

How was your labor and delivery? --  Natural or Assisted? – Long or short? Briefly describe your birth story.

My labor lasted 17 hours. After 15 hours I was dialated to 6 cm & my contractions were right on top of each other but progress was slow, I was becoming delirious with the pain so I made the decision to have an epidural. After having the epidural I went from 6 to 10 quickly, pushed for 2 hours and Lucas was born. I was hopeful to have a completely natural birth but the pain became too intense for me to accomplish that.

What was the weight/height of baby?  APGAR scores?

Lucas weighted 7 pounds, 7 ounces.

How is your baby now? Health? Sleeping and Eating Habits? Disposition?

Lucas has been 100% breastfed so far, when he is 6 months next week we’ll be starting solid foods. He’s very healthy & weights 19 pounds, he hasn’t been sick yet. He still wakes up 1-2 times a night to nurse otherwise sleeps and naps pretty well. He is a very happy baby, giggling and smiling most of the time.

How much of your weight gain have you lost since having your baby? How long did it take?

It took me 3 weeks to lose all 14 pounds that I gained, I actually lost so much weight when I went back to work none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit properly. I now weigh 7 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. I chalk that all up to breastfeeding at this point.

How do you feel about your body now?

I am completely amazed at what my body accomplished & what it continues to accomplish with feeding my son.

What advice would you give other women who want to have a fit pregnancy?

That maintaining exercise and eating healthy during your pregnancy is the best gift you can give yourself and your baby during your pregnancy.

Thank you for your time!

Posted Jan 07, 2011 by Cassandra Forsythe.

Comments for This Entry

GravatarKim W02:45PM on January 07, 2011

Following this blog and these interviews, I've been hoping you would feature Kalli. She is such a role model for how to stay fit and healthy during a pregnancy. And should see her now....looks incredible!

GravatarCandi R07:52PM on January 07, 2011

I am so very proud of my daughter-in-law. Honestly, I couldn't believe how she kept working out and she looks fabulous. Lucas is really cute also.

GravatarCassandra07:29PM on January 11, 2011

Kim and Candi - Thanks for chiming in! Kalli is a superstar!

GravatarMiranda12:31PM on January 14, 2011

Now, I have to know...all these ladies seem to have lost all the baby weight relatively quickly. How did you go about keeping up milk supply while losing the weight? Did you cut calories at all? What was your diet like for about those 3 months postpartum? I'm only 29 weeks so probably getting ahead of myself, but I am curious because that is really impressive weight loss I'm reading about! I guess though if you don't gain over the recommended 35 lbs, it's probably not as much of a challenge to lose...

GravatarCassandra05:47PM on January 14, 2011

Hey Miranda

For myself, I'm still breastfeeding and April is 9 months. I work out hard many times a day and still produce a ton of milk. Christa breastfed until Liv was past 1 year and Brianna did until the boys were 2. So, exercise does not impede breastmilk production or weight loss. :)

Gravatarsheri02:55AM on January 20, 2011

hi Cassandra,

First, I want to thank you for all the great information you are providing in this blog! They are very helpful and informative!
I have a question for you I didnt know where to post it..I thought in the pregrancy series might make sense!
I m 30 years old and I was recently diganosed with amenorrhea. I havent had a period for 6 months now! I exercise 5 times a week and my doctor says I have to stop exercising!
my question is should I realy stop exercising? can I still get pregnant?

I appreciate your reponse,

GravatarCassandra11:20AM on January 20, 2011

Hi Sheri!

Yes, you can still get pregnant - I had amenorrhea from excessive stress for 7 years! And, I still got pregnant.

You can email me if you'd like to discuss a plan to get you back on track. I work with a lot of women in your shoes.

Thank you!

GravatarKalli\'s mom06:52PM on January 24, 2011

I was so proud of Kalli for keeping up her fitness routine during her pregnancy. I bragged about her doing so to my entire office (all five other women) and had no idea some women thought the hard workouts were a bad idea. I wish I had had all this knowledge that is now available when I was pregnant with her.

Gravatarcolumbia jackets12:05AM on September 09, 2011
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