Microwaving Plastic Drives Me Crazy

It's been a while since my last post, but with good reason: I opened my own gym on June 1st and it's been a crazy few weeks getting everything ready and running smoothly.

I'll post pics asap, but for now, I'll let you know it's a 2,000 sq ft location in Vernon CT and it's everything I've ever dreamed of; yes, I love nutrition, but I also love, love, love fitness (people used to think I lived at my old gym because I was there so much). So now, I can work doing what I love more full time and help people become healthier and more fit all in one place. It's a dream come true!

Now, onto the topic of this post: Microwaving plastic containers.

One thing that I'm sure is going to be exposed in a few more years is that microwaving plastic containers  - from steamer veggie bags, to plastic-contained frozen lunch meals - is a huge source of carcinogenic compounds that plays into our increased incidence and severity of cancer.

Plus, microwaving food just makes it taste totally disgusting.

In fact, just recently, scientists released a paper showing that all these plastic containers we use today do in fact emit highly estrogenic chemicals that disrupt our normal endocrinological profile.

Although they couldn't clearly test how much of these chemicals are actually taken up by the body or influence our own organ and cellular function, they do feel that the risk of exposure is not worth their useage.

Particularly: microwaving plastic, leaving plastic bottles in direct sunlight and dishwashing plastic releases these compounds at levels high enough to be a danger to adults and children.

To read more on this, check out the recent piece I wrote for Prograde Nutrition:

How to protect your health from plastic meal containers

Let me know what you think.

Then, when  you buy frozen veggies, make sure you do NOT cook them in their plastic bag in the microwave - sure it may be "microwave safe" but it's probably not HUMAN-safe.

And, avoid microwave frozen lunches and bring leftovers to work instead that you cook on a non-plastic dishware. There's no reason we have to eat foods cooked like this, as we have so many more safe and healthy options.


Posted Jun 18, 2011 by Cassandra Forsythe.

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GravatarChef Todd Mohr09:35AM on June 22, 2011

Yes, Cassandra this trend is very concerning. It's amazing what people are willing to give up in the name of convenience.

Microwaving food destroys the texture, flavor and nutrients from the inside out. Now, add the dangers of chemicals taking their place, a reasonable person would stop eating this way until all the information has been investigated.

I have seen the change made in thousands of people’s lives when they learn to cook. I’m not talking about following recipes and spending a lot of money on cookbooks.

I mean there is great freedom in understanding the basic methods that go into cooking. When you learn HOW to saute’, you can then use chicken, shrimp, tofu, beef, vegetables, it’s all the same.

Being able to cook by method means you never have the stress of trying to figure out “what’s for dinner” every night. You can cook with the ingredients on-hand.

You’ll never have the frustration of written recipes not working, you’ll save money on take-out food, improve your nutrition, gain a new hobby, reunite your family, entertain for friends, gain confidence, eat a greater variety of foods, and have a skill for a lifetime.

Learn how to cook and a whole new lifestyle opens for you that doesn't include harmful plastics.

Chef Todd Mohr

GravatarCassandra08:23AM on June 24, 2011

Thanks Todd! I love your comments!

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