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Again, it's been awhile since my last post, but when you work your own business full time, plus are a mommy, plus work 3 other jobs and write from home for income... blogging sometimes gets put on the back burner.

But, I will be posting 3 incredbile new posts this week with the continuation of the Fit Pregnancy series, with 3 new fit mamas. Stay stuned!

For now, I wanted to let you all know about an amazing new book, that actually has me featured as a real life "character". 

The book is titled Sugar Nation and is written by the talented author Jeff O'Connell.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon and the picture of the book is above.

The reason I was profiled in this book is because I have had a long-standing issue with carbs and sugar.

There was one point when I thought that a low-fat, higher carb diet was the best thing for me, but all it kept doing was make me pass out from hypoglycemia and always feel hungry and irritable. Plus, it made me gain a lot of unnecessary weight.

Jeff describes my experience trying to understand these issues, which involved me seeing one of the top endocrinologists at UConn and getting a calcium infusion test into the three main areas of of my pancreas. I was partially sedated while they stuck a catheter in my femoral arteries [in my groin area] and then collected the blood that came out of my carotid artery [at my neck]. They found out that I secrete an excessive amount of insulin when I eat carbs (or more accurately, too many carbs or simple carbs), and that's why I suffered from hypoglycemia after eating them. When I was a kid, my cat's name was Candy because I loved sugar so much... but it didn't love me.

Now I eat a lower carb, high protein, high good fat and high vegetable diet and it has done me wonders. For most of the American population, they too have issues with carbs, and that's why many of us suffer from overweightness and blood sugar issues. That's also why I studied low carb diets in my PhD, and why I recommend a lower carb approach (versus a low-fat) for most people, especially after seeing in the lab how great it was for so many individuals.

I do however recognize that everyone is different and not everyone is as sensitive to sugars and carbs, but for most people, who in this day and age eat WAY too many carbs (sugar is in everything and most foods we eat are carb-based), a lower carb eating plan is a great solution for many of their problems (related to mood, weight and health).

If you know someone that may benefit from learning more about our nation's sugar addiction, and/or yourself are interested in learning more about how carbs may be ruining your health and body composition, I highly recommend you pick up this book.

As a note: I am not receiving any kickbacks from this book and instead am recommending it because it's so awesome.


Also, to read another great review of this book, check out Dr Jonny Bowden's blog post at:

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GravatarMisty06:18AM on August 08, 2011


You did not add in the link to Amazon.

Thanks for posting!

GravatarMan Bicep01:55PM on September 07, 2011

I follow a primal diet and just finished reading Good Calories, Bad Calories so I will definitely have to pick this book up! It looks great!

Gravatardiscount north face jackets12:23AM on September 09, 2011
There are some brands that I have to pay extra money because I know the quality is worth it.

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