This Special Food Greatly Improves Meal Satisfaction

Recently I reviewed a really interesting study done on overweight women that showed a very special food could help them feel more full after eating and less hungry in subsequent meals.

I wrote this up for Prograde Nutrition, my #1 trusted nutritional supplement company.

Here's the first part of the article:


Are you looking for something to help curb your appetite and prevent overeating? 

Who isn’t nowadays? Especially with food being more available and more tasty than ever, and with no end in sight.

Well, the answer to your challenging quest is really quite simple – and it tastes good too!

Plus, it provides your body with nutrients it needs anyways, all while helping you maintain lean body tissue and boosting your metabolism.

What is this special nutrient?

Read here to find out.

And ladies, pay particular attention, because this one’s especially for you.

Posted Feb 01, 2011 by Cassandra Forsythe.

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Gravatardd11:57AM on February 01, 2011

Hi Cassandra,

Thanks for sharing this. I appreciate the research, but I have some questions regarding the rigour of the study. I'm thinking that of course, compared to women who have only water before a meal, those who take whey will have reduced hunger, and that certainly hunger will follow a typical dose-response pattern (where more whey = less hunger). However, what I'm wondering is how other beverages of the same caloric value (e.g juice) would compare to the whey. Though I'm certainly a believer in the benefits of whey, I have to play devil's advocate to ask whether or not consuming varying amounts of juice or other beverages prior to a meal would have the same effect.


(PS. Really enjoying NROLFW - thank you!)

GravatarCassandra12:34PM on February 01, 2011


Good comment!

This has not been the only study to show how well well improves meal satisfaction and curtails overeating.

You can read other studies here:

The problem with juice is that it increases blood sugar and insulin levels so much that it results in hypoglycemia for many people. Maybe you're not one of those people though?

Whey isn't dangerous and if you're concerned about artificial sweeteners, you can get plain whey or whey sweetened with stevia.

Make sense?

Gravatardd02:42PM on February 02, 2011

Yep, totally makes sense in reference to glycemic load. Thanks for the info!

GravatarMike Navin11:01AM on February 04, 2011

Thanks for the 2nd link in your follow-up Cassandra. It answered my question about what happens if you compared Whey to solid protein rich foods like turkey, eggs, etc. I find that result kind of surprising. Just from personal experience, whey shakes just don't cut it for me in curbing appetite but, a handful of almonds can keep me going for quite awhile.

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