Twins Postpartum Update with Jill Maxwell

Jill at 35 weeks with twin boys

Jill at 35 weeks with twin boys

My good friend Jill Maxwell is an amazing writer; much better than me I must add.

Over on her blog, JillMaxwellFitness, she has just posted her awesome 6 month post-partum experiences with twin boys and how's she's progressed with her fitness routine (back in the gym!!), nutrition and life in general as a mother of baby twins and an older, and very proud young daugther. 

I love this post so much and hope you all get a change to read it. Jill is very inspiring and everything a fit mama should be.


Click HERE to read this great post.

Thanks Jill!

Posted Nov 23, 2011 by Cassandra Forsythe.
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