Two new Online Interviews for your Listening Pleasure

Yesterday I had a great interview with a good friend of mine Jim Laird who runs BlogTalk Radio out of Kentucky.

Jim and I talked about lifting for women, how I determine nutrition requirements for my clients, the difference between academic learning and real life learning, Canadians, and what I secretly wanted to be when I was younger.

To listen to the interview click HERE.

Then, a few weeks prior I spoke with Ben Greendfield of Ben Greenfield Fitness about "What is a good (and safe) Pregnancy Exercise Routine?"

Ben and I went over what I learned about exercise while I was pregnant, what exercises are safe, what should be avoided and a new book I have in process coming out soon.

To listen to that interview on pregnancy exercise, listen HERE.

Let me know what you think!

Posted Apr 16, 2011 by Cassandra Forsythe.
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GravatarIris09:36AM on April 17, 2011

I have just listened to the interview with Ben Greendfield - awesome! And I am sooo looking forward to your book! I am particularly interested on the timed workouts as you claim they might be suprior, for the non-pregnant athlete as well. Maybe you will go a little further into this one day on your blog? Is it still strength training or more general conditioning/endurance? I am just curious....Thank you for the great interview!

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