Why Choline is so Important in Your Diet

I've written about the importance of choline in previous blogs. Specifically, when a woman is pregnant and breastfeeding, her requirements of choline are of utmost importance.

Read this to understand the benefit of choline for infant brain development

Then, read this post to learn how eating two eggs a day during pregnancy can prevent neural tube birth defects.


But, did you also know that choline is important for all life stages?

For example, inadequate choline intake cause an increase in plasma levels of homocysteine, which has been associated with an increased risk of several chronic diseases and conditions, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, cognitive decline, and bone fractures.

Then, if you are a woman in menopause on any hormone treatment, your requirement for choline is greater than if you are not on hormone therapy. Also, if you have a low choline intake in this state, you can develop liver dysfunction.

Pretty crazy, eh? All just for one nutrient that barely gets any attention (not like vitamin D, or omega-3 PUFA for example).

To read more about why choline is so important and where specifically to get it check out this great article in Today's Dietitian. 

Interestingly, egg yolks are your best and most edible source, which are also a rich source of important antioxidants like lutein and zeathanthin than protect against age-related eye disease. One whole egg provides 125 mg of choline, and our minimum daily requirement for a woman 19-50 years old is 425mg (during pregnancy it's at least 450 mg).

So, like I've said before - Get Cracking if you want to help give your body some of the best nutrition possible! Eggs are not only good for you, they're amazing nutritional powerhouses that help fight disease and grow healthy babies.



Posted May 01, 2011 by Cassandra Forsythe.

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