You CAN Run a Marathon While Pregnant

I was just sent this news story about a woman who recently ran the Chicago marathon at nine months pregnant (actually, she walked most of it, and finished in 6.25h).

TIME magazine did a GREAT job covering the story and interviewing researchers who chimed in on her experience.

This is one of my favorite quotes from professor Jim Privarnik:

"This was O.K. for her. She was training that kind of mileage all the way to 38 weeks. She only ran half of it, and her doctor gave her permission. She had no dizziness, bleeding or cramping. It was standard operating procedure for her" 

Read the rest of the article HERE

Some people are saying that she's irresponsible and put her baby's life in danger. GIVE ME A BREAK! This woman did NOT do that. She ran for a very short time and walked most of it. She was not inducing a death sentence on her baby or being a bad mother. Seriously? As one commenter put it: "get over yourself and go for a run".

I'm proud of this woman for sticking to her personal exercise routine (this was her 8th marathon... apparently she knows what she's doing) and going very easy during this run. Her baby is going to grow healthier than most babies out there and have a great role model to be proud of.

Just my two cents.

Posted Oct 11, 2011 by Cassandra Forsythe.

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