One Year Post-Baby Update


Happy Baby April! Wow - it's hard to realize this, but in just a few days it'll be one year since I brought my daughter, April Susan, into this world.

April was born March 27, 2010 in a whirlwind delivery. Her entrance into this world was so fast that she almost was... read more

Morning Mommy Workout


Flipping the tire at 6amI never thought I'd be an early riser, let alone a 4am riser, but with my new job as a mommy, I've had to make some changes so I can get more accomplished in the day.

One of the changes I've made is waking up ultra early to both... read more

My Natural Birth Story, March 27, 2010


April Susan Pribanic Natural Birth Story of April Susan Pribanic

It was Friday March 26th, and  although just one day past my due date, I was quite upset that baby didn’t come when she was “guessed” to arrive. Even though I knew babies can make their appearances anytime between 38 and 42... read more

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