Low FODMAP diet has been great for my gut


An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but only because it gives you such bad gas that no one wants to be around you.....

Yes, one woman's prize may be another woman's poison.

In the case of apples, onions, beans, avocados, and several other FODMAP foods... read more

Maximize Your Winter Workouts


Recently I participated in a great project put together with a very talented woman named Hana Kahm.

She's created a site containing short 60-second videos of inspiration for women called, She's Next.

Topics include: Simple Ways to Relax and What's the Right Time... read more

New Pregnancy Exercise Research


Researchers from Johns Hopkins are finally looking into how much exercise is ok for a pregnant woman and her fetus.

Yes, there has been some research done in the past, noteably by Dr James Clapp (He wrote the book, Exercising Through Your Pregnancy), but it hasn't been enough to... read more

The Great Saturated Fat Debate


The American Dietetic Association (who is the govening body for Registered Dieitians and one of the groups responsible for influencing our dietary guidelines) is currently holding its 93rd annual meeting in Boston called the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (or more commonly known simply as FNCE... read more