This is what happens when you forget to love YOURSELF


Stop hating yourself!I see this too often for anyone's liking:

Women that start out with the intentions of exercising and eating better to get to a more "desirable" weight or shape and end up taking it way TOO far.

And for some reason, this seems to happen more with women... read more

What is a beautiful female body?


As a follow-up to my recent post on Women's Biceps, I wanted to expand on this topic as it seems to be quite popular.

The simple question amongst all of the comments and thoughts is this:

"What do you consider a beautiful female body to look like?" read more

Elite Runners Train Hard Though Their Pregnancies


A "friend" of mine of Facebook recently sent me this AWESOME article in Runners World magazine online about two elite female runners, Paula Radcliffe and Kara Goucher, who trained super hard all through their pregnancies.

As I was reading their interview, I was nodding my head in... read more

Some women think biceps are GROSS


I like my bicepsI've been told my arms are too big (biceps above). 


And, not only are they too big, but they're too "muscle-y". And muscles on women, specifically biceps and triceps in this case, are gross.

That's not my opinion, but the opinion of some of the ladies... read more