A stronger butt means less pelvic floor dysfunction

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As a follow-up to my last post Postpartum Exercise Incontinence and the information that having a stronger butt will help correct pelvic floor issues, I thought the best course of action would be to lead you all to some great resources that will help you learn how to... read more

Postpartum Exercise Incontinence


Before I had my baby, the women in my boot camp classes would say to me: "Just WAIT until you have that baby - you won't make us do jumping jacks as much anymore..."

At that time I'd look at them strangly and laugh, not really knowing what the... read more

Do you want to be happier? Read this:


Krista Scott-Dixon, a woman I've admired for years, recently posted one of the most amazing compositions I've ever read.

Do you want to know why no matter how hard your workout and diet, you're still not happy? Do you want learn how those models (that you ... read more

Pregnancy Nutrition Guidelines


After the initial surprise of a positive pregnancy test settles in (whether it be a happy surprise or not-so-happy surprise...), most women's thoughts turn towards her nutrition. She thinks, "What should I eat now to build the healthiest baby possible? What should I stay away from and what do I... read more