Yet another reason to maintain a healthy body weight


Obesity and overweightness carries more than just a burden for the person experiencing it, but it can negatively influence the health of a growing fetus.

According to a recent New York times news report, obese women are more likely to have serious complications during their pregnancies. Most often, this... read more

Fitcast Interview on Pregnancy Nutrition and Exercise


A few weeks ago I recorded an interview with Kevin Larabee of the Fitcast on diet and exercise while pregnant.

To hear about my experiences and to find out what I recommend for other women, you can download the podcast here.

And no, I didn't just... read more

Get Fit with Workout Muse!


This past weekend I travelled to Milwaukee, WI to meet with BJ Gaddour in his first ever Boot Camp Automator LIVE workshop. There, myself and other serious boot camp owners learned how to use BJ's custom music interval soundtracks from Workout Muse to... read more

Happy Mommy, Happy Baby


April and Cassandra. Happy Times! Just a quick update on the mommy-baby front as even though my days are pretty easy-going for having a new baby, I'm working on a zillion things and enjoy my time with baby instead of always being at the computer :) 

Everything is going spectacularily. April is an extremely... read more