Learn the benefits of single-leg training


Mike Robertson, undoubtedly one of the foremost experts on corrective training for athletes and exercisers, has come out with a new tool for your exercise success:


If you’ve ever heard of single-leg training, you’ll know it carries over to real-world aspects of our daily... read more

New Dark Chocolate & Vanilla Organic Hemp Protein!!

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Today was an exciting day for me and my tastebuds - I found out that my favorite hemp foods company, Manitoba Harvest, has released a new hemp protein product that you have to check out: 

Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Organic Hemp Protein Powders!

What's super exciting about... read more

Big Sale on Prograde Products Ends Tomorrow!


Like many of you, I take nutritional supplements to add to my balanced nutrition plan.

Some of the supplements that I feel are necessary in my diet are:

1) Essential fatty acids from fish and krill

2) A natural and complete multivitamin and mineral

3) A... read more

Why I Hired a Doula


For my recent pregnancy, I had made the decision to hire a doula, and she was very important and helpful through my entire baby-growing journey. There was a time when I didn't know what a doula was, or why I needed one, so I'll explain that to you here:
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