Marching for Babies!


This weekend, one of my friends, Joe Stankowski is raising money for a worthy cause, and I hope you all might be able to help him meet his fundraising goal.

Joe is walking for the March of Dimes this Saturday, to create funding for research... read more

Jillian Michaels thinks pregnancy ruins your body


My good friend Leigh Peele, passed this on to me today.

Apparently Jillian Michaels has been quoted in Women's Health magazine saying that she won't have her own biological children because it will ruin her body.

What crap!

That woman drives me nuts and... read more

Post-Workout Nutrition Guidelines


Prograde WorkoutRecently I wrote about the importance of proper post-workout nutrition and why we need it to feel better and look better with exercise.

The bottom line is that if you're not fueling your body correctly both before and after you exercise, you're just spinning your wheels without getting anywhereread more

Sugar-Heart Disease Connection Shown on NBC News


Tonight on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, one of the top stories was the link between the excess sugar in our food supply and heart disease. To view the video and see what researchers have been trying to tell the public for years, click "read more" below... read more