The Importance of Post-Partum Recovery


It's been three weeks since I've had my baby (via a normal, yet speedy, delivery) and just now am I feeling normal again.

After the delivery I felt like I was on the biggest adrenaline high I've ever been on in my life. I honestly couldn't sit still. I... read more

Loving Mommy-hood


Justin, April and Cass Motherhood is fabulous! Breastfeeding is going great. My weight is all off (I'm actually weighing less now that I was before I got pregnant), and my baby is an angel who sleeps 4 to 5 hours at a time, all the time. It's wonderful. If I had known all of... read more

Benefits of Exercise During Late Pregnancy Revisited


Me at 6 days post-partum. The tummy is still there, but the legs are lean. Back in January I blogged about the advantages of being highly active throughout an entire woman’s pregnancy. For myself, I taught boot camp classes consisting of high intensity interval training work up until the week before I delivered (I did exercises such as jump squats, jumping jacks, burpees, plank-ups... read more

My Natural Birth Story, March 27, 2010


April Susan Pribanic Natural Birth Story of April Susan Pribanic

It was Friday March 26th, and  although just one day past my due date, I was quite upset that baby didn’t come when she was “guessed” to arrive. Even though I knew babies can make their appearances anytime between 38 and 42... read more