Twins Postpartum Update with Jill Maxwell


Jill at 35 weeks with twin boys My good friend Jill Maxwell is an amazing writer; much better than me I must add.

Over on her blog, JillMaxwellFitness, she has just posted her awesome 6 month post-partum experiences with twin boys and how's she's progressed with her fitness routine (back in the gym!!), nutrition and life... read more

Fit Pregnancy Interview with Jill Mills


Jill Mills 2 weeks before her due date with Baby #1 Today am am beyond excited to post my next Fit Pregnancy Interview with the amazingly beautiful, strong, and talented mother of two (yes 2), Ms Jill Mills.

For those of you who are not familiar with Jill, get ready to be inspired and impressed:

Jill has spent the... read more

You CAN Run a Marathon While Pregnant


I was just sent this news story about a woman who recently ran the Chicago marathon at nine months pregnant (actually, she walked most of it, and finished in 6.25h).

TIME magazine did a GREAT job covering the story and interviewing researchers who chimed in on her experience.
read more

Fit Pregnacy Interview Part 12


38 weeks 1st pregnancyMy 12th (and not final) Fit Pregnancy Interview is with Julia Ladewski

 Powerlifter, Strength Coach, and Mom! Julia is a former #1 ranked powerlifter turned mom whose is working to get back on the platform. Her best competition lifts are 462 squat, 254 bench and 424 deadlift. She is... read more