Boot Camp at 38 1/2 weeks and still going strong!


I'm almost in disbelief that my pregnancy is coming to an end. Currently, I'm about 38 and a half weeks (my due date is somewhere between March 23rd and 25th) and am feeling really darn good.

There have been some changes in the last week or so that have... read more

Another Ultrasound at 37 weeks and starting the countdown!


Me at 37 weeks following one of my workoutsAs many of you know, and for those that don't, once a pregnant woman hits the 34-35 week mark, she's required to go to her OBGYN for an appointment each week. If you ask me, it's slightly annoying, but it's for the best of the baby (I guess).

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Welcome to my new website!


Welcome! Hi Everyone!

I'm pleased to welcome you to my new website!

This project has been one I've been pursuing for the past few months and, with the help of my awesome web designer, Jason Lengstorf, it's finally live!

Take some time to have a look around. I'm... read more

Vigorous Exercise and Pregnancy

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Pregnant ExerciseDr James Clapp III, emeritus professor of reproductive biology at Case Western University in Ohio has been researching the effects of exercise in pregnancy for 20+ years. And, in the following article written for USA Today in 2007, you can read about women he has studied who stay extremely active... read more