Microwaving Plastic Drives Me Crazy


It's been a while since my last post, but with good reason: I opened my own gym on June 1st and it's been a crazy few weeks getting everything ready and running smoothly.

I'll post pics asap, but for now, I'll let you know it's a 2,000 sq ft... read more

Complete FODMAP List For a Happy Gut


Ever since I posted about how a low FODMAP carbohydrate diet has been amazing for my IBS issues (major gassiness, constipation and lethargy), I've been receiving almost a new email every week from people looking for a complete list of these foods so they can implement it tooread more

Dieting Pitfalls of Women Interview for Super Human Radio


Hi Everyone!

I just completed an internet radio interview for Super Human Radio on the pitfalls of dieting for both women AND men.

The link is here:

Deadly Dieting Sins for Women

... read more

39 Weeks Pregnant Workout with Christa


If you think being 39 weeks pregnant is a barrier to exercise, even intense resistance training exercise, you're totally wrong.

Here we have Christa, who you all saw in her Fit Pregnancy Interview on this blog, showing us all how it's done when you have less than... read more