Do Eggs Cause Heart Disease?


It seems that almost every day I am asked by someone if eggs are healthy to eat. They wonder if eating too many yolks specifically will put them at risk for a heart attack or stroke.

And, my answer is always the same: "If you eat a diet with... read more

Busy but Tough Mommy Workout


Being a mother is a great journey - you learn so much about giving yourself unconditionally to another human being. For example, if your child is sick, you're there for them 24/7. When your child needs you near them, you stay no matter what the situation. And, when... read more

Fit but Complicated Pregnancy Story


Jill with her daughter Nina and her twins boys (inside)A few weeks ago, a woman named Jill Maxwell (who is also a personal trainer with her MS degree)  contacted me and complimented the fit pregnancy blog postings I had recently put up.

(If you haven't seen them, you can see some of them here, and... read more

Fit Pregnancy Breastfeeding Roundtable


Today I've got another fit pregnancy-related roundtable for you all.

In this roundtable, I interviewed the women that participated in my fit pregnancy interview series and asked them about their experiences with breastfeeding. Of all the fit women I interviewed originally, every one of them breasfed. Some longer than... read more