This Special Food Greatly Improves Meal Satisfaction


Recently I reviewed a really interesting study done on overweight women that showed a very special food could help them feel more full after eating and less hungry in subsequent meals.

I wrote this up for Prograde Nutrition, my #1 trusted nutritional supplement company.

Here's the... read more

Fit Pregnancy Nutrition Round Table


Hi Blog Readers!

As a follow-up to my Fit Pregnancy Interview Series that I featured two weeks ago with 9 fellow fit pregnant mamas, I'm profiling today a round table discussion with some of the contributors on how and what they ate while pregnant.

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Connecticut Corporate Bootcamps


Getting Better With Bootcamp! For the past year now, I've been teaching bootcamp and weekly nutrition classes at a Corporation in East Hartford CT - Dur-A-Flex, Inc.

This company has been rated one of the Top 10 Places to Work in CT for several years in a row because... read more

Fit Pregnancy Interview Series Part 9


Kalli at 39 weeks 1 dayOur next Fit Pregnancy Interview is with a friend of mine, Kalli Reinheimer, from Facebook who was following my book, New Rules of Lifting for Women, when we met.

She recently had her baby boy, Lucas, 6 months ago and exercised pretty much all throughout her pregnancy based off... read more