Learned To Eat Better for Me and My Children!

The food guidelines Cassandra has taught me has really helped: I'm drinking healthy, low-sugar protein smoothies to stay full, and my children have more balanced meals with protein, healthy fats and vegetables.   I never have sweet drinks and you would not believe the amount of nuts I eat!  I have noticed if I go to long without eating I will always eat the wrong things.   

I've kept my weight off now for 6 months and feel 1000 times healther than I did.  When I run now I feel really fantasic and recover really quickly.  I know a lot of this is due to my change of diet.  I can't lie and say that I don't go in Mcdonalds! But generally I try my best to stick to the healthy eating guidelines so myself and my children feel best.

Thank you Cassandra for all your help!

Before and After Clair

Clair Smith and Children, England

Fit, Fabulous and Healthy!

Working with Cassandra as a bootcamp leader and nutrition coach has been like hitting the jackpot.  Since day one, her approach has been tailored to my individual goals and competing time demands. 

 Her strategies have focused not only on making my workouts effective and fueling my body, but also on balancing my life as a whole.  Among many lessons, she has convinced me that rest and balance are equally as important as training hard, yet she still pushes me on training days when I’m feeling less than motivated to give it my all. 

Most importantly, with a combination of scientific knowledge and personal experience, Cassandra has guided and helped me learn why I am doing or feeling certain things, rather than just handing me a cookie-cutter plan to follow without question. 

I could not recommend working with Cassandra more highly!! Thank you!


Jenica Allen, PhD(c), Vernon, CT


Hello Health Enthusiasts,

I just wanted you all to know how much Cassandra is helping my daughter and I get healthy. We both have been able to lose weight in the past but its’ weird how it wasn’t making us healthy.

After working with Cassandra for a few months now, we can honestly say that WE GET IT! It finally makes sense to me now why my sugar was so elevated even though the scale said I was doing fine. She has taken the time to educate us both at home and in the grocery store. We truly believe we are on our way to a great life style change. Add some strength training into the mix, and look out summer.

Thanks Cassandra!

Kelly and Julie Keen, Vernon, CT


Improved body. Improved Life!

"I've been working with Cass for over a year, and the experience has been life changing.

I went from a restrictive, miserable Mon-Fri dieter who binged every weekend, to somebody who has found balance and happiness in their diet, thanks to Cass's guidance.

We took baby steps initially so that nothing ever felt overwhelming, and as I conquered
these mini diet goals, she'd add in another piece of the puzzle for me to focus on. This helped to boost my confidence because I was actually able to stick with these changes!

With her support I was able to end the binge and restrict cycle that had contributed to me gaining about 20+bs of fat! I'm now under 5lbs away from my goal weight, and my body composition has been transformed!

My energy is through the roof, my skin glows, and I rarely ever get sick thanks to Cassandra and the invaluable things she's taught me about nutrition, and for the encouragement she's provided along the way!!"

Kayla R, Florida


Renowned Strength Coach Drops 15 lbs!

Cassandra,  after I watched your webinar about "Nutrition and Cancer Prevention", I changed a lot of the bad habits that I had in terms of my diet. It really motivated me to change my lifestyle and I have never felt better. I have actually... lost 15 lbs (with plenty of workouts in there as well) in 3 months, and the main reason why I have been able to maintain it is because it was more about a choice for a healthy lifestyle and not aesthetics. I just wanted to let the you know that you provided the inspiration for me to change. Thanks so much!

Anthony Renna, CSCS, www.strengthandconditioningwebinars.com


Loving My Body More Than Ever!

Working with Cassandra, I've gained a lot of respect for my body as a unique "machine" of sorts. It might sound silly, but I used to think that nutrition was sort of a one-size-fits-all thing, and now I know better.

As someone with polycystic ovarian syndrome and insulin resistance, I was really desperate for answers that I just wasn't getting within the confines of traditional training and nutrition.

Her workouts have really instilled the idea of quality over quantity in my mind, and I'm learning more every day about what it means to "train smart."

Her nutrition plan has taken into account every need I might have as a unique individual with unique needs. And mostly, her supportive, honest, and positive attitude is a constant reinforcement!

Thanks, Cass!

Becky Powell Wilhoit, NC


Healthier Eating Perspective

Cassandra has helped me to overcome my issues with food. I used to be too obsessed about what I ate that it drove me to an unhealthy place. 

I lost my period, I couldn’t sleep at night, my sex drive had diminished, and I was unhappy with everything I did. I also couldn’t lose any more weight, but also realized that maybe I needed to gain and not lose.

Cassandra has helped me to develop new relationships with food and I’m now more energetic and can actually socialize with people without worry so much about what I put in my mouth. Also, I can finally sleep at night, which was something I thought I could never do. I’m glad I started working with Cass as I finally feel like me again.

Morgan, MA


Learning to Eat Nourishing Foods

"Working with Cassandra Forsythe has been an integral part of my training program. 

Her guidance when it comes to my diet goes far beyond what I "should" or "should not eat"; she has taught me the importance of selecting foods that will nourish my body and fuel my training. 

Her approach to meal planning is such that she works with you to create the best plan to suit your lifestyle and goals.  She emphasizes celebrating our bodies and all that we can do with them. 

She is encouraging, uplifting, supportive and genuinely wants you to accomplish your goals!  I have had nothing but good things to say about working with Cassandra.  She will not only change the way you eat, but also the way you think about fueling your body."

Sarah Scozzaro, Germany